Financial Management

The financial management committee is in charge of writing grants, developing corporate sponsorships or partnerships, organizing fundraising events, and managing grant requests. The team writes grants to build out a green fund as well as approves grant requests from schools requesting funds from the green fund. The team works with an advisor on developing corporate sponsorships/partnerships with companies around the community. Fundraising events are co-organized with the events team.


The events committee is in charge of planning all organization-wide events for the year. The events committee plans all the logistics for the events including Earth Day festivities, city-wide mingles and other events to their discretion. We host at least one social, one educational and one fundraiser (partnered with financial management team) per semester.


The marketing committee is in charge of our social media pages, the weekly newsletter, and calendar updates. This committee is aligned with every other committee to spread the word about events, volunteer opportunities, and fundraisers through calendar updates for those involved with YSB, newsletter updates, and social media blasting events to get a large turnout.


The Recruitment committee is in charge of recruiting new schools to join the YSB. They assist new schools in developing strong clubs and expanding their club size, filling roles and mentor them in creating a sustainable group. The Recruitment team is also in charge of helping develop the leadership roles within schools (fundraising/grants, recruitment, marketing, events) to ensure the school is self-sustainable.

Community Engagement

The community engagement committee is in charge of developing partnerships with companies and nonprofits around the community to provide opportunities for our youth. This includes creating partnerships to increase our list of guest speaker options, mentors, programmatic offerings, volunteer opportunities, internships/fellowships, student work, shadowing, speaking opportunities for youth, or any other sort of partnership the group is interested in. The point of this committee is to develop meaningful relationships and expand our name within the larger community in order to provide more resources for our youth.